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John Wheeldon Primary Academy believes in the personal growth and development of every student.
The provision of a wide range of opportunities for leadership development enhances student self esteem and self confidence.

Each year we [staff and Year 6 pupils] choose children to be our Head Girl and Head Boy.  They, and the Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl, are chosen to represent the school and act as role models for other children.  Many things are taken into consideration including the values of our Academy:

P - perseverance

R - respect

O - outstanding

U - unique

D - dynamic

We also consider attendance, thoughtfulness and care for others, attitude to learning and positivity.  The Head Girl and Head Boy and deputies carry out a wide range of duties over the year including assemblies, showing visitors around our school and representing the school at events and special occasions.

Our Head Girl and Head Boy and Deputies for 2020/2021 are:

Head Girl – Bella

Head Boy - Jaiden

Deputy Head Girl – Chloe

Deputy Head Boy – Jacob