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Maths Statement of Intent
Maths Calculation Policy
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Maths Passports

The John Wheeldon Maths Passport is designed to equip children with essential facts needed to progress well in mathematics.
Its focus matches the first aim of the 2014 curriculum for maths - ensuring mathematical fluency.

The emphasis of the passports is instant recall of facts; they are known 'by heart', with no need for working out the answers. This allows children to calculate more efficiently and accurately as they progress in mathematics.

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Parent Information Powerpoint  

FS Stage 

Stage 1 

Stage 2 

Stage 3 

Stage 4 

Stage 5 

Stage 6 

Useful websites that will help support your child's learning. 

Top Marks 
Learn Your Tables 
Fun Brain Games
Fluency Challenge  
BBC Bitesize 
Sheppard Software  

Classroom Secrets

We use a maths scheme to support the planning and delivery of maths in school which is based on White Rose maths with a clear focus on fluency, problem solving and reasoning. 

White Rose Maths  
Classroom Secrets 

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