We are PROUD designers

Can we create a working torch? What materials make the best umbrella? How can we up-cycle and repurpose an old t shirt? Can we make a traditional Mexican chilli?  These are just some of the problems we pose to our designers of the future.

Through our carefully planned design and technology curriculum, we give or children the opportunity to become designers by researching, planning, creating and evaluating a product. Our final products link to our school topics and so give a meaningful context to the designing process. Design and Technology days are mapped out over the year so that our children have a whole day dedicated to creating their own unique product.

Below, you will find our D&T intent statement, long term overview and plan which show the topics that we cover as well as our progression document which details the D&T objectives for each year group.

Click on ‘D&T enrichment’ to see our D&T learning come to life in school!

Design and Technology Intent Statement

Design and Technology Overview

Design and Technology Long Term Plan

Design and Technology Progression

Design and Technology Enrichment