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Term 4 School Dinners

07th February 2019

Order Term 4 Meals Today!

The deadline for ordering your child's meals is Tuesday 19 February. Please order your meals by this deadline for the first week of term.
Don't forget to confirm (checkout) your meals!
You will receive a confirmation email from us when you've ordered your meals. The date of your next meal in your home page will also be populated.
Check you've ordered all the meals you want.
Please look at your account to check you have ordered all the meals you would like your child to have. This ensures your child is given the right meal on the right day.
Cancelling meals
If you want to cancel a meal please make sure you tell us by the Tuesday the week before.
School Trips
Please check if you have asked us to provide your child with a packed lunch on school trip days. You can find this in the preferences section in your home page. If you wish to change anything please do so by the Tuesday the week before.